Peaches 2011

With the raspberry picking out of the way, we decided to go peach picking. I took the 3 older boys to an area farm and sprayed them well with insect repellent (the farm doesn’t use pesticides so that they can be certified as natural or organic or whatever).

I inquired at the weigh station about peaches and was told that the next group would go out in about 10 minutes. We could either wait or we could go pick raspberries until then. It didn’t matter to me, so I took a vote among the boys and it was 2-1 in favor of raspberries. So off we went.

This time, they all liked picking raspberries and did a fine job of doing so.

picture of children picking raspberries

We had a couple of buckets, so we had some sharing issues
(3 boys – 2 buckets = 1 child complaining about not having a bucket).
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Husbands and Wives: Royalty

It’s time for another quiz. Follow the conversation below, then answer the question after. Yes, I realize the topic of the conversation is several months old; just pretend you’re back in March of 2011.

W: Kate Middleton and Prince William have been together for 8 years and they’re getting married in April.
H: How’d they meet?
W: Art class or something
H: Let me guess – she would love him even if he weren’t a prince?
W: Yep.
H: And would you love me even if I weren’t a prince?

What answer should the wife give?
A. Well you’re certainly no prince.
B. I love you no matter what.
C. You’ll always be my prince.
D. Would I what?

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Worthless Housecat

A couple of years ago, I accidentally discovered that Tomcat mouse traps are better than d-Con mouse traps.

This weekend, I discovered that Real-Kill glue traps are even worse than d-Con traps. I tried to find a website for the Real-Kill brand so that I could link to it, but I couldn’t. The fine print on the box says that it is distributed by Realex, a division of United Industries Corp., but their website doesn’t claim Realex as a brand. Oh well.

Just so you know why I say to use the Tomcat glue traps: I’ve never had a Tomcat trap that let me down. If a mouse ever visits a Tomcat trap, he’s done.

On the other hand, a mouse can visit a Real-Kill glue trap and not even know anything was wrong:

picture of mouse footprints across a glue trap with missing bait

The peanut butter in the middle of the trap is gone. I assume the mouse enjoyed eating that. And the glue trap’s only accomplishment is recording the footprints of the mouse so I can see where he sat while he ate the bait.

What good is that?

Here’s a photo of the front of the box, so you can know what to avoid:

picture of a box of Real-Kill glue traps

Look how happy that mouse is, sitting on the glue trap. That’s because he knows he’ll be able to leave once the photo shoot is done.

The two key points of the product, according to the packaging:

  • Non-toxic
    Definitely! No harm caused to the mouse at all!
  • Easy Disposal
    Right again! It’s very easy to throw away an empty trap – it’s light and compact!

Once again, I wasn’t planning on writing a review of mouse traps. But I knew I had to post something when I saw mouseprints on the trap.

Note: the glob of peanut butter was missing from the other trap that same night, so I know it wasn’t just one bad trap.

For it is He who delivers you from the snare of the trapper And from the deadly pestilence.

Psalm 91:3

Training for Warrior Dash

There are still a few Warrior Dashes left to be run this year, so maybe this post on how to train for Warrior Dash will be helpful to some people.

Before my race, I was wondering things like “What are the obstacles going to be like?” and “What should I be doing to get ready for Warrior Dash?”

The official WD website said basically not to worry about the obstacles and just be able to run a 5k. It used to say something like “run as far as you can” for training. It looks like they have updated it since then, and now it has an official plan. It has a running part and a strength training part, but no obstacle part. That’s where I come in.

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Pun-ctuation: Feline

No explanation needed for this one:

feline punctuation pun: cat plus apostrophe equals catastrophe

cat + apostrophe = catastrophe

Thus says the Lord GOD, ‘A disaster, unique disaster, behold it is coming!

Ezekiel 7:5

Raspberries 2011

It is raspberry season, so we took our annual trip to go pick raspberries. It’s not much of a trip, since it’s only a few miles away. It’s quite convenient, in fact, especially with 3 children in tow.

picture of children picking raspberries

The baby was sleeping, so I took the other children.
Last year, the older two did a decent job of picking the berries.
Last year, I had Gamma in a backpack carrier, so he did fine too.

This year, the older two just ran around and played in the open field.
I sent them there after too many complaints about bees and mosquitoes and thorns.

picture of some raspberry bushes

Gamma just stuck by my legs and asked to be picked up or carried or to go home the whole time.

picture of children picking raspberries

I picked a few pints of raspberries.

picture of a container of fresh raspberries

The boys got to see some sandhill cranes, which apparently like to frequent the raspberry farm.

picture of two sandhill cranes on a gravel driveway

And that’s good enough for a while.
We froze about half the raspberries, so we can enjoy them throughout the year.

and as he sowed, some seeds fell beside the road, and the birds came and ate them up.

Matthew 13:4

Introducing Meta App

Everyone has an app for me to download and use on my phone – the electric company, the grocery store, etc.

If I installed every app that was offered to me, I’d have hundreds and hundreds of apps. It would be a pain to organize them and find what I wanted quickly.

I have a solution for this problem, and I think it’s going to be a killer app. I call it the Meta App.

What it’s going to be is one app that can display a variety of information and handle a variety of tasks. The user would simply type the name of the company or service into the app-finder field, and the Meta App would call up the code from the target and serve it to the user.

Of course, to make things easier for everyone, the Meta App would use a common programming language so that apps would behave the same across the board (and across mobile phone platforms). Maybe I’d call it SGML, for Some Guy’s Markup Language…

Don’t you think Meta App would be much better than so many individual apps?

What’s that you say? A browser? No, I don’t know what you’re talking about. That does sound useful though. Why don’t more companies take advantage of this “browser” rather than developing their own apps?

who formerly was useless to you, but now is useful both to you and to me.

Philemon 1:11