The Joys of Youth

Here are some random events from the past couple months of our lives:

Our younger child woke up early, about an hour before anybody else wanted to be awake.  I told him “Hey, you’re supposed to be asleep.”
His response: “But I’m not!

Is the sun setting?” my younger asked at 7:00 P.M.
“No,” I replied, “the sun sets in two hours.”
Ten seconds later: “Is it two hours yet?
“No, because the sun isn’t setting.”

I brought glasses of chocolate milk to dinner, at the request of both children.  The younger one looked at the glass of milk and exclaimed “It’s beautiful!

The kids were not behaving well with their drinks at lunch.  From the other room, I heard my wife say “No! You don’t put that in your glass.  Only straws can go in your glasses.”  And the older child added “and ice cubes too“.

One of our children was using the bathroom.  When he came out, I asked him if he flushed the potty and washed his hands.  He said he’d be right back.  I heard water running and then, when he came back, he said as he reached for me with not-quite-dry hands “Don’t smell my hands” before I had a chance to ask him anything.  So I, being the insightful parent that I am, immediately smelled his hands and told him to go back and wash with soap.  This next time when he came back, he told me to smell his hands.  And this time they smelled like soap.

“and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”
– John 8:32

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One Response to “The Joys of Youth”

  1. Charity Says:

    We have a special saying in our house when a child leaves the bathroom and we’re not sure all the necessary steps were taken in proper potty procedure: Did you WFW?

    (Wipe, Flush, Wash)

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