Cloudy Tags

This widget displays a tag cloud for you. The difference between this plugin and all the other tag-cloud plugins is that this one makes the tags cloudy. All the other tag clouds are not cloudy.

No, it’s not really that big of a deal, but it was fun to play with the text-shadow CSS property just to see if it could be done.

Steps to install this widget:

  1. Download the plugin zip file or go to the official WordPress site.
  2. Upload the `cloudy-tags` directory to your Plugins directory (usually `/wp-content/plugins/`)
  3. Login to your WordPress blog
  4. Find the `Plugins` menu option at your dashboard
  5. Use it to activate the Cloudy Tags plugin
  6. Find the `Appearance` menu option at your dashboard
  7. Select it, then select `Widgets`
  8. Drag Cloudy Tags over to your sidebar configuration and set it up. This is for the sidebar widget.
  9. Find the `Settings` menu option at your dashboard.
  10. Select it, then select `Cloudy Tags`
  11. Change the configurations there too, if you would like. This is for non-sidebar widget use (posts, pages, template code, etc.).
  12. To use the non-widget tag cloud, type “[cloudytags]” somewhere in a post or page, or type “non_widget_cloudy_tags();” somewhere in your template code.

There may or may not be a tag cloud in the sidebar. In case there is not, here is the non-widget tag cloud.

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3 Responses to “Cloudy Tags”

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  3. Nano HE Says:

    It works well. Thank you.

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