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New Fonts has been busy lately. “Busy” is, of course, a relative term.

First off, Wes Molebash needed a font, so he got one. Actually, it was not just one, but two fonts – a normal font and a bold version.

Then, motivated by Wes’ fonts and inspired by pro football, we made an imitation font (caution: contains font-like substance).

Three guesses as to which NFL team’s logo inspired this font.
Hint: it’s called Wayne Fonts.

If you want to use it, go download it.

And he walked about among the lions; He became a young lion, He learned to tear his prey; He devoured men.

Ezekiel 19:6

Football Notes

Thanksgiving weekend was a good one for college football, especially for Michigan fans. But there were some other games that spurred some thoughts in my head, so now you get this blog post.

  1. I am not a fan of rematches for championships. I don’t care if Alabama is ranked second in the country – we already know they are worse than LSU. If you don’t win your conference, why should you be in the championship game? Think of the conference championship games as a playoff round to get into the national championship game.

    Let some other team have a crack at LSU.

  2. If Alabama does play LSU and wins, all that will do is tie the series at 1-1 and we will need a tiebreaker.

    If they do play, I will be cheering for LSU. Partly because of the head coaches (+ for Les Miles, – for Nick Saban) and partly because I want the people who decided to put Alabama in the championship game to regret it. I’ve already seen that game; I want a different one.

  3. Same with MSU-Wisconsin. This is a vote against having cross-division games in the conference.

    Hey B1G, add a few more teams to the conference so each division will have 8 members and then we won’t have to contend with this scenario anymore.

  4. On a related note: since Wisconsin lost to various teams (including MSU) by Hail Marys Hail Maries hail Mary passes, everyone knows that is their weakness.

    If I were running MSU, I’d throw a few deep passes to start the game. Get ahead early.

  5. That Michigan game was closer than I would have liked. And OSU falls to 6-6. Maybe they would have done better this year if they hadn’t hired Adam Sandler as their coach.

    comparison of Luke Fickell to Adam Sandler - long-lost twins separated at birth

    Not that I want them doing better or anything.

Samson said to them, “Since you act like this, I will surely take revenge on you, but after that I will quit.”

Judges 15:7

Down with OCC

This year, we participated in Operation Christmas Child (OCC) again.

The kids got to participate twice, since we had our set of boxes that we packed and their grandparents had a set of boxes for them to pack too.

We’ll do the grandparents’ boxes first.

Grandparents’ Boxes

Step 1: Gather Stuff

Go to the dollar store and fill a cart.
Put all the items on your dining room table.

picture of toys to pack for Operation Christmas Child

picture of toys to pack for Operation Christmas Child


Family Conversations, Part 15

Be Careful What You Ask

Alpha: Look! It’s my mini-blinder!
Me: What’s a mini-blinder?
(Alpha shines a bright LED flashlight into my eyes.)
Me: Ow!

It Was Plastic

The Scene: One of the children came crying to me. I must say something to the other child.
Me: Don’t hit your brother with an axe!
Me, imagining loopholes: In fact, don’t hit your brother with anything.
It was a toy axe, but I still decided it was best to confiscate it.

Doesn’t Really Want an Answer

Beta, taking a bath: Can I sleep in the bathtub?
Me: No.
Beta, leaning back so the water covers his ears: WHAT? I CAN’T HEAR YOU.

But they refused to pay attention and turned a stubborn shoulder and stopped their ears from hearing.

Zechariah 7:11

Beware the Child’s T-Shirt

Our kids get piano lessons from a local lady. She’s a grandmother and a retired schoolteacher. She’ll come to your house a give lessons, for a small fee of course.

She’s very friendly and likes to hold the baby for a minute after the lessons are done.

One day Gamma happened to be in the room when the lessons concluded, and he happened to be wearing this shirt:

photo of child's shirt that says 'I get my good looks from my dad'photo of child's shirt that says 'I get my good looks from my dad'

It says “I get my good looks from my dad”. And no, I didn’t pick it out.

The piano teacher looked at the shirt, read it out loud, then looked at me and said,

“That’s because mom still has hers!”

She was laughing when she said it – with me, of course, not at me.

It was very clever, which is why I’m sharing it with you dear internet audience. So be careful what slogans your children wear – they might backfire on you.

When the Philistine looked and saw David, he disdained him; for he was but a youth, and ruddy, with a handsome appearance.

1 Samuel 17:42

The Three Best Days at Work

In the course of a calendar year, there will be good days at work and bad days at work.

Sometimes, which is which is random – you won’t know ahead of time if it’s going to be a good day or a bad day.

Other times, you know what it’s going to be, based on what is due or which meeting is scheduled for that day.

Over the course of many years in the workplace, I know I can count on these 3 days to be enjoyable.

  • Before or after July 4th

    Depending on what day of the week this holiday falls, people take either the day before or the day after the 4th off. That means a bunch of people are not at work. And that means that you can get done the things that you think are important to get done, without interrupts or re-prioritizations.

  • After Halloween

    The reason this day is good is not because of fewer people. The usual number of people still show up to work this day. No, what makes me look forward to this day is the amount of chocolate that enters the building.

    This year, a co-worker brought bags and bags of chocolate because he overestimated the number of trick-or-treaters that would visit his new house. He didn’t want to have to eat all of the extra candy, so he brought it into work. I was glad to help him get rid of it.

  • Before Christmas

    We get a full week off work between Christmas and New Year’s, so everyone is winding things down before the start of Christmas break. That means no one is going to ask you to start anything significant. It’s a relaxing time.

    And if you have a good boss, like I had my first year in this job, he will come around some time between lunch and normal quitting time to wish you a merry Christmas. The exchange went a little something like this:
    Boss: Are you doing actual work, or are you just filling time until the end of the day?
    Underling: I’ve finished all the assigned tasks…
    Boss: Go home then, and have a good break.
    Underling: Thanks!

    It doesn’t happen every year, but being dismissed early is a nice touch of the holiday spirit.

    • Then Joshua dismissed the people, each to his inheritance.

      Joshua 24:28

Pumpkin Carving

Now that everyone has forgotten about Halloween and moved on to November stuff, it’s time for me to update you on this year’s pumpkin carving.

picture of the pumpkin and stemThe first step in all of this pumpkin-carving business is to select good pumpkins. Pictured here is a perfectly-formed pumpkin. It’s easy for us, because our neighbors grow and sell pumpkins. It’s on a small scale, but we still get a nice selection.

The next step is to cut open the top
picture of a pumpkin with its top cut off