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I took a plugin that was released under the GNU General Public License and modified it (the plugin, not the license). Now I feel compelled to make publicly available the plugin that I made for this site (not that I mind releasing it). It’s part of contributing positively to the internet.

The plugins I have are listed below (just two so far, but hope for more to come soon).

SBS Blogroll

This widget enhances the blogroll that is part of your sidebar. If it’s not part of your sidebar, then it should be. SBS Blogroll lists the blog links in chronological order and shows the little icon thingies (favicon) next to the titles.

It is called “SBS Blogroll” because I started with “RSS Blogroll” and then added Some Blog Stuff.

Cloudy Tags

This widget enhances the tag cloud that is part of your sidebar. If it’s not part of your sidebar, then it should be. Cloudy Tags makes tags more cloudy for fewer posts and less cloudy for more posts. Other than that, it’s a normal tag cloud plugin.

Grab Avatar

This plug-in (technically not a widget) enhances the avatars that are shown next to comments. It’s not usually part of your sidebar, but it could be.

Where the comments are should be independent of this plug-in. This plug-in makes comment author’s profile pictures play nicely with Blogger.com users. All it does is, if one’s theme shows avatars next to comments, show either Gravatar pictures or Blogger.com profile pictures, depending on which is available.

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