Grab Avatar

This widget gets avatars for you. The difference between this plugin and the standard avatar service that comes with WordPress is that this plugin checks and WordPress checks only

If you are getting a lot of default Gravatars in your comments and a lot of your visitors have or blogs, then this should help.

Steps to install this widget:

  1. Download the plugin zip file.
  2. Upload the `grabavatar` directory to your Plugins directory (usually `/wp-content/plugins/`)
  3. Login to your WordPress blog
  4. Find the `Plugins` menu option at your dashboard
  5. Use it to activate the Grabavatar plugin, and that’s it. Everything works automatically.

Note: if your theme does not have avatars in comments, then you’ll need to enable or add that.

Also note: this plugin is slow, since it asks and for pictures for each comment. I highly recommend a cache plugin to help with speed if you have a lot of comments.

Final note: this plugin uses a person’s blog URL to determine if there is a profile picture. No website from comment author = no profile picture from

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