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Map Problem

comic about the words disoriented and occident

Worker: Boss, we have a problem!
Boss: What is it?
Worker: The new maps were printed without the Far East!
Boss: Now all our customers are going to be disoriented.
Boss: Did someone do this on purpose?
Worker: No sir, it was an Occident.

Therefore we will not fear, though the earth should change And though the mountains slip into the heart of the sea;

Psalm 46:2

Is the Tub Supposed to be Orange?

Or, How to Clean Your Tub Without Scrubbing

Some of you may recall that we had an iron filter installed.

In case you’re wondering how bad our iron was, you can peruse this photo of our bathtub.

rust stains in a bathtub

I tried CLR without much success. Soft Scrub seemed to do a little better. No matter what I used, I had to do a lot of scrubbing and it removed much of the staining but not all of it. You may be wondering what the best product is for cleaning rust stains, not only from bathtub but also from sinks and other porcelain fixtures. The answer?

Bluegrass Vacation: Episode 3

Continued from last week.

Our drive home took about as long as our drive there, because we stopped a few times again.

I’ve been calling this series “Bluegrass Vacation” because Kentucky is the Bluegrass State. I didn’t know how serious they were about that until we were on the freeway and I saw the blue grass that made Kentucky famous:

Kentucky blue grass on the side of the freeway

That was just south of Cincinnati. I think this next photo is in Cincinnati, as seen from the freeway:

Wegman's duck on top of a building


Life with a Two-Year-Old

It’s always interesting raising Gamma. See for yourself:

I’m Not That Old

Gamma: Open your mouth.
Me: Okay…
Gamma, looking: There’s a spider web in there!

Where’s the Party?

Me: Do I want to know why there’s popcorn on the bathroom floor?
Wife: I don’t know. And pretzels too.

Mr. Contrarian

Gamma: No go home! No go home!
Me: Gamma, we are home.
Gamma: No go bye-bye!

They hatch adders’ eggs and weave the spider’s web; He who eats of their eggs dies, And from that which is crushed a snake breaks forth.

Isaiah 59:5

Bluegrass Vacation: Episode 2

Continued from last week’s post.

Relaxing at the House

Since I was up late, and since the kids had other people around to help them with breakfast when they awoke, I got to sleep in. I think it was close to 9am when I stumbled upstairs to the kitchen.

Our time at the vacation house involved swimming at the pool, playing games, and napping.

people playing in a pool

Whenever people were not swimming, their swimwear was drying on the fence. After a while, it was difficult to find a free spot on the fence for your stuff.

people playing in a pool


Way to Cheer

A 10k is a long enough race that you have some time to think. So while I was running my last 10k, I noted some things.

The main thing is that I appreciate good spectators. Whether it’s a 5k, 10k, half marathon, or full marathon, it’s nice to have people cheering.

What prompted this was the spectator who yelled “Run faster!” to me.

I assume she meant well and wasn’t trying to taunt me. But her words were less than encouraging. So here are my thoughts on how to cheer for a runner.

Bluegrass Vacation: Episode 1

Not bluegrass the music – bluegrass the state. We took a few days to go to Kentucky.

It’s about a 5 hour drive, but with a 2-month-old and a 2-year-old we couldn’t just drive straight there. So we left the house around 10:00am and got to our destination at 7:00pm – a total of 9 hours for a 5 hour drive.

Our first stop was at a rest area for lunch. That didn’t take too long, maybe 30-40 minutes.

photo of people eating a picnic at a rest stop

It was a decent rest stop, and the kids enjoyed both the lunch and the time to run around.

photo of food at a picnic

They kicked a soccer ball around, and they followed a fuzzy green caterpillar.