Bluegrass Vacation: Episode 2

Continued from last week’s post.

Relaxing at the House

Since I was up late, and since the kids had other people around to help them with breakfast when they awoke, I got to sleep in. I think it was close to 9am when I stumbled upstairs to the kitchen.

Our time at the vacation house involved swimming at the pool, playing games, and napping.

people playing in a pool

Whenever people were not swimming, their swimwear was drying on the fence. After a while, it was difficult to find a free spot on the fence for your stuff.

people playing in a pool


We made one excursion the first full day there: the truck-fest. Various businesses brought their trucks to the local park and let the kids climb in them and honk their horns. It was a great idea, but it was very very hot (relatively speaking. We were uncomfortable, but it was 30 degrees cooler there than it was in Iraq.) and very very loud.

Put a couple of semi trucks, a couple fire trucks, a police car, and some other random vehicle in one lot and have kids honk their horns or run their sirens constantly.
It’s fun only for the child in the driver’s seat, which we were not.

trucks at a park

trucks at a park

Creation Museum

The next day was Sunday. Rather than trying to coordinate getting 28 people to the same church at the same time, we chose to have an informal church service in the house. Delta decided to be unhappy during that time, so I missed most of it because I was walking him around.

But we made up for it by going to the Creation Museum after lunch. Really, that place does count as church attendance. I was slightly surprised that they are even open on Sundays, but they were (afternoon only).

The grounds of the creation museum are very nice – lots of paths that are well-landscaped.

pond with water features at hte creation museum

They had a few types of bridges, so you can teach your kids civil engineering if you want.

arch bridge at the creation museum

And they also had a petting zoo thingy. We didn’t pet any animals, but Beta and I did look at some of them.

camel at the creation museum

It cost extra to ride the camel, so we skipped that part.

The inside of the museum was also constructed well, with nice touches such as a 20-foot-tall dragon overlooking the bookstore.

dragon at the creation museum

And they have a bunch of stuff on the 6 days of creation. You get to walk through part of the garden of Eden. We ushered the kids quickly past the details of the fall (specifically the room highlighting the depravity of man and effects of sin in the world). The next part of the museum had a bunch of stuff on the flood and Noah’s ark.

Noah's ark at the creation museum

And there was a bunch of dinosaur stuff throughout the museum. No pictures of those – they all look the same after a while and you all know what a dinosaur looks like.

More Relaxing

Then next day was Monday. We stayed around the house, watching kids in the pool or relaxing on the front porch.

rocking chairs on a front porch

To be continued…

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

Genesis 1:1

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