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I spent about 3 weeks on the basement windows (it took 3 weeks because I usually couldn’t do anything on weekdays).  My sons got used to heading to the basement to help me with the windows.  The older one wanted to hammer and tape things together, while the younger one wanted to cut apart the cardboard box with the hacksaw.

After the windows were done, I overheard the boys playing upstairs one evening.  I forget what they had (stuffed animals or boxelder bugs (yes, they like playing with live bugs) or what), but they had a pretend family.

What I heard was this:
“I’m the daddy, and I’m working in the basement.”
So that’s the picture they have of something daddies do.

Then I heard this:
“I’m the mommy, and I’m talking on the phone.”
I have no clue where they got that idea.

The other night, I had dinner responsibilities so that my wife could nap.  She had a late lunch and was tired, so she postponed her dinner in favor of rest.  The boys and I were hungry and not tired, so we ate.  Dinner consisted of pancakes and eggs (leftover from earlier that day) for them and hamburger and fries (also leftover from earlier that day) for me.  I also broke out the chips and salsa.

The boys are particular about their syrup now.  They want the syrup in a bowl so it doesn’t get all over the plate.  That way they can dip whatever piece of food – preferably pancake, although I did see a piece of popcorn in there later – in the syrup and it won’t contaminate the rest of the food.  So I obliged them and poured a bit of syrup into bowls, one bowl per child.

I had to step out of the dining room into the kitchen for some reason – drink refill or put something away.  The kids were about halfway through their dinner.  When I came back, the older child informed me that the other child drank all his syrup out of his bowl.  I looked at his bowl and, sure enough, the syrup was gone.  Well, as gone as syrup can be.  It doesn’t drain very easily.

Needless to say, we didn’t have dessert that evening.

“My son, eat honey, for it is good, Yes, the honey from the comb is sweet to your taste;”
– Proverbs 24:13

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3 Responses to “Family Events”

  1. Buckley Says:

    Is the syrup derived from maple trees, or is it of the high fructose corn syrup variety?

  2. Erin Says:

    It’s so nice that your boys play nicely together!

  3. Some Guy Says:

    It was the kind that was not derived from maple trees.

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