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I had mentally noted this item earlier in the year, around New Year’s Day, but am just now posting it.

I thought that Lloyd Carr’s comment after the bowl game was an indictment of new coach Rich Rodriguez. I also think that Carr did not mean for it to seem that way; he was just speaking what he thought about his team.

Lloyd Carr’s comment after winning the bowl game was this: “But the reason it’s meaningful is because I can be in that locker room with the guys that did it.” Meaning that he was glad to see his team through to the end – a bowl game victory.

That contrasted with Rich Rodriguez, who was there for the Michigan game but was not there for the West Virginia bowl game. His decision to leave the Mountaineers just before their big game upset many WVU fans.

It was in that context that Carr spoke his feelings about his team and the victory, and the contrast of Carr’s words with Rodriguez’s actions was quite noticeable.

“Many a man proclaims his own loyalty, But who can find a trustworthy man?”
– Proverbs 20:6

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