Tim Tebow Endorsement Deals

I should have timed this post for last week, when the Tim Tebow topic was more prominent before the Patriots game. Oh well.

I see that Tim Tebow has lined up some endorsement deals. However, none of them really captures the spirit of his name. What inspired this post wasn’t an actual endorsement deal. Rather, it was a brewery that named a beer after Tim Tebow, kind of.

I don’t know if that’s the best choice, pairing a beer with a Baptist, but here are some other marketing deals that would be interesting:

  1. Tim Tivo: This one should be obvious. Comes pre-loaded with footage of all the Broncos’ 4th-quarter comebacks.

  2. Tim Teabow: Not as obvious as the Tivo, but still promising.
    Lipton? No.
    Celestial Seasonings? Close.
    Snapple? Yes – if I have to explain the connection between football and the name “Snapple”, then you’re not going to get it anyway.

    Types of Tea:

    • Rookie Tea – formerly known as Green Tea
    • Golong Tea – Oolong’s football equivalent
    • ??? – what others are there?
  3. Tim T. Rowe (Price): financial management company. Not sure what it has to do with football though.

  4. Tim Temow: lawn care company. I know the name’s shaky, but I’m running out of steam.

  5. Tim Treebow: tree-cutting service. This one’s a stretch too, but it goes nicely with Temow.

I’d better stop there, as I am apparently out of ideas.

Any better match-ups out there?

Blessed are you when men hate you, and ostracize you, and insult you, and scorn your name as evil, for the sake of the Son of Man.

Luke 6:22

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3 Responses to “Tim Tebow Endorsement Deals”

  1. Burrill Says:

    Tim Tebowl! This could be either a bowling alley or a bowl you eat out of. (The last few bites would always be the best.)

    Or, if you really want to stretch, it could be a college football bowl game.

  2. Some Guy Says:

    I just thought of Tim T-Bone Steak, available now at your local butcher. Comes with grill marks in the shape of eye black.

  3. Ricky Anderson Says:

    The first time I heard someone say his name, I thought they said Tim Tivo.

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