Back Off, Home Depot

I thought I was safe.

I got the Home Depot credit card so I would be left alone. When the cashiers would ask if I would be paying with a Home Depot credit card, I could answer “Yes” and then I wouldn’t be asked if I would like to get one.

I also have a good answer for when one of their specialists is standing in the main aisle and asks me about my furnace. I don’t have a furnace, so I don’t need it tuned/replaced/fixed/updated/serviced or anything. The house is heated via a combination of hot water and electric baseboard and burning corn. But that’s another topic.

Last week I was buying some routine items from Home Depot and the cashier asked me if I would be paying with a Home Depot credit card. “Yes,” I answered, secure in my immunity from further questioning.

“Would you like to add another authorized user?” she continued.

What is this? Are they never happy?!?!

“No thanks.”

Maybe the Pro Desk cashier doesn’t have to ask upselling-type questions. I’ll try that check-out and see. If they do, then I’ll have to stick to the self check-out lanes.

I tell you, even though he will not get up and give him anything because he is his friend, yet because of his persistence he will get up and give him as much as he needs.

Luke 11:8

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One Response to “Back Off, Home Depot”

  1. js Says:

    If I’m in the wrong kind of mood, I’ll play dumb until we’re both equally annoyed that she asked that question. Something like, “Wait, I need another authorized user to make this purchase?”
    HD: “No, we just like to offer it as a convenience.”
    Me: “Ok, so just to make sure I understand: these things in my cart – I can buy them on my own now? Or do I need to add someone else as well?”
    HD: “No, no, no – you can certainly buy them on your own today.”
    Me: “Now I’m confused. Maybe I should just use my regular VISA. I know that always works. I’m actually a bit nervous about this Home Depot card now. Do you think I should cancel it?”
    And so on. That’s what I do with telemarketers until they hang up on me. I figured as soon as I answer the phone, I’ve already lost. It’s only fair if we both lose.

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