Construction Cam

One of the heavily-travelled intersections near our house is closed now due to construction. Heavily-travelled is a relative term. I’m sure some people in larger cities would scoff at the numbers of cars going through there, but locally it was known as a bad intersection.

Anyway, the roads around it are closed far enough from the intersection such that you can’t get close enough to see what’s going on. And the county work commission website shows only the start date and projected end date, with sporadic updates.


What they’ve done on this project is setup a web cam.

That helps a ton. In this day and age of round-the-clock news feeds and instant status updates, having that web cam will quell the impatience of the masses.

Plus it’s fun to watch.

Note to anyone in charge of a public works project, especially those affecting people’s commutes: setup a web cam.

You shall prepare the roads for yourself, and divide into three parts the territory of your land which the Lord your God will give you as a possession, so that any manslayer may flee there.

Deuteronomy 19:3

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