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For those of you who thought Uno was just a game – it can also be an introductory math lesson! You don’t make it into a lesson, of course. You just play Uno and ask the child about the numbers as you play.

The box says “Ages 7 And Up”, but our 2-year-old likes to play. He does not know all the numbers quite yet, but I have found that Uno is a good way to teach him the numbers. He knows a couple of them, and I figure that after a few more games he will have learned all his numbers. He already knows colors, so we’re all set on that point. We don’t play with any of the special cards, but if things keep progressing, then he will be able to read words like “draw”, “two”, “reverse”, and “skip”.

Do not be fooled by the other Uno options out there. They sell some sets with something other than the numbers as the prominent identifier. Stick with the original set. Otherwise the child will concentrate on the other thing, such as movie character, instead of the number. Eventually he will learn the number than goes along with that character, but I’d say move to those themed cards after he knows all the numbers.

“So teach us to number our days, That we may present to You a heart of wisdom.”
– Psalm 90:12

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  1. js Says:

    We started playing Uno with the kids last fall – so Marina was 2 at that time. She still lays her cards infront of her when she plays so you can see her hand. You’d think that would be easier, but she’ll sometimes put down a matching number instead of a matching color (even when she has some left in her hand). And then she’ll go on to win. I don’t know what system she uses, but she follows all the rules. Now Malachi, he’s learned the art of keeping that last wild until the very end.

  2. Homeschooling Tip, Part 2 •• Some Blog Site Says:

    […] those of you who thought Yahtzee was just a game – it can also be a math lesson! You don’t make it into a lesson, of course. You just play Yahtzee and help the child add the […]

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