A Dusting of Snow

I was getting dinner ready the other day.  Sitting at the table in the dining room, I could hear the noises of the children playing happily in the adjoining living room.

Just as I was getting ready to wonder what was keeping them occupied so well, I was interrupted by the older child, who told me that it was snowing.  “Such a good imagination,” I thought.  He ran back into the living room and I thought I had better check to see why he said it was snowing.

I peeked in the living room and what I saw was the younger child hitting the seat of an upholstered chair with a ping-pong paddle.  “It’s snowing!” he was yelling as he hit the chair.  All the dust that was being forced from the chair was billowing up from the chair with each hit.  It was not a cloud of dust, but the chair is near a west-facing window, so at dinnertime there is a good stream of sunlight going right by the chair.  The sunlight accentuated the dust and the dust reminded the young children of snow.

We’ll have to vacuum soon.

“And as they were crying out and throwing off their cloaks and tossing dust into the air,”
– Acts 22:23

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