Pet Fish, Part 2

You may well know the saga of Floaty.  Here is an update to the story: we have a new fish.

We decided that since we had the fishbowl cleaned and filled and we had a supply of fish food, we might as well get some fish to go along with everything.  So we had to look for fish that were suitable for a bowl (instead of a tank).  We were in a store that happens to sell fish, and the children always like looking at them even though we don’t buy any.  But now we have bought some.

The feeder fish were the best price, but we went with two guppies – better quality fish for a slightly higher price.  The first fish went along with the capturing process, but the second one did not, and he ended on the floor.  The worker guy trapped him with the net (even though the fish was not going anywhere), picked him up through the net, and then put him in the container with the other fish.

On our way home, I noticed that one fish had a rip in his tail.  I assumed that the tail was damaged by the fall out of the net.  So I announced that I had named the fish “Finny” (not to be confused with Finley the Fish).  Then the older child wanted to name the other fish, so he came up with “Flip Flop Spin Flop”.

picture of Finny the fish

The fish made it through the first night, and the second day.  Then the morning after that, I glanced in the fish tank and told my wife that I renamed one of the fish: “Flip Flop Spin Flop” was now “Sinky”.  Not only had he sunk to the bottom, but he was upside-down, so it was rather obvious that something was wrong.

I changed my mind about which fish was the one that tried jumping to freedom.  I think it was Sinky, as he must have had internal injuries and Finny’s tail was probably that way before we even went to the store. Finny is still alive and is apparently happy, although it is hard to read his facial expressions.

“and when it was filled, they drew it up on the beach; and they sat down and gathered the good fish into containers, but the bad they threw away. ”
– Matthew 13:48

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