Driving in Cars with Phones

A long title for this post, I suppose, but it’s the best I got right now.

A co-worker and I were discussing the new laws about cell phones. In some states, it is illegal to use a cell phone while you are driving (although hands-free phones are allowed).

In our state, it is legal. But some cities have enacted local ordinances that make it illegal. So you could be driving along a road, using your cell phone. It would be legal for a while, then illegal for a while, then legal again as you drove into and then out of (if “into” is one word, why isn’t “outof” one word?) the city.

We came up with a solution that should work for any state: let drivers take a test to get a cell-phone endorsement on their licenses.

We have that for various things already – motorcycle, commercial, etc.

  • Some people can handle a motorcycle, so they prove that to the state and their licenses are marked with that fact.
  • Some people can handle a big rig, so they prove that to the state and their licenses are marked with that fact.
  • Some people can handle driving a vehicle while talking on a cell phone, so why not let those people prove that to the state and get their licenses marked? I’m sure the DMV/BMV/SOS wouldn’t mind the extra business.
  • Not only would it help weed out people who shouldn’t be DWTOTCP, but it would help the budget. Just think of the fees charged for the cell-phone tests and the upgraded license!

    Texting while driving is illegal in the whole state. The state should also enact a texting endorsement. The test for such an endorsement should be done on a simulator, because no one could pass it. And because no one could pass it, it would be pure profit for the state.


    People stay in the same situation they are today (no texting) but they feel like they have an opportunity (hope) and the state gets more money (which will help the schools, I’m sure). It would end up being a voluntary tax, like the lottery.

    Hold on while I get a Facebook fan page setup to garner support for this plan…

    He scorns the tumult of the city, The shoutings of the driver he does not hear.

    Job 39:7

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One Response to “Driving in Cars with Phones”

  1. arby Says:

    Don’t! Some fool will try this, and people being people, they will figure out a way to pass the test. Then we’ll have fools texting while driving, causing accidents, and claiming innocence because, “Dude, I have a license for this.”

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