New Power Generation

I have a plan to save you money on electricity, and it was inspired by a faucet.

It was one of them fancy turn-it-on-by-waving-your-hands-in-front-of-it faucets. But most of those faucets take batteries. This one does not require batteries, nor does it plug into the wall outlet.

Did I mention that the faucet costs $711? Not $7.11, but $711.00! And that’s the cheap one! The expensive one is $1480!

That’s because there is a generator inside each faucet – a miniature generator that produces the electricity that the faucet needs to run. And the generator gets its power from the water pressure at the faucet.

I am here to propose a home-based power generation plan. People these days are talking about adding solar panels to their roofs or building windmills to generate electricity. But that’s a waste of money. The problem with those is that you don’t always have sunshine and you don’t always have wind blowing.

But you do always have water pressure from the local municipality. Water originates from the main line at point A and ends up at your sink, point B

Normal Water Lines

diagram of using normal house water pressure

If you want to cut your electric bills, then the most cost-effective method is to install a water-turbine generator in your house.

Water Lines with One Generator

diagram of using house water pressure to generate electricity

If you want to cut your bills even further, then you can install two generators and a water tank. Put the water tank as high as you can (accounting for losses from the first turbine). Now re-route the water lines so that the incoming water goes through the first turbine and into the tank. Install the second turbine between the tank and the faucets. Now you get double the electricity! At the cost of lower water pressure, of course.

Water Lines with Two Generators

diagram of using house water pressure to generate electricity

In case you’re wondering when I am going to implement this: I am on well and septic. If I did this, I would be using electricity to pump water to generate electricity. Maybe someone else can let me know how it goes.

Aaron and his sons shall wash their hands and their feet from it;

Exodus 30:19

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6 Responses to “New Power Generation”

  1. Charity Says:

    I don’t think it will be me either. But nice diagrams anyway.

  2. phoebe Says:

    Come on…I thought you’d be making your own faucet with a mini generator inside!

  3. Some Guy Says:

    I would like to try, but I can barely keep up with the dishes and laundry. Projects like that have low priority.

  4. Ricky Anderson Says:

    This is why you’re an engineer and I work at an accounting firm.


  5. Says:

    nice idea but y dont u jst make electricity for a house using the faucets in the house..

  6. Some Guy Says:

    I’d rather install and maintain one or two generators than several. If you use just the faucets, then you’d miss when the washer, washing machine, or hose were used.

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