February Schoolwork

In case you’re interested in my child’s schoolwork:

100 Days

There was a big celebration of making it through 100 days of school. Here is one of the items from that time:

picture of schoolwork related to 100 days of first grade

I like that he wants 100 books and 100 carrots. How many kids would say that?


There was also a celebration of Valentine’s Day. One of the things they did was draw a friend. So whom did Alpha draw?

picture of schoolwork related to Valentine's day

He drew Beta. And they’re jumping on a trampoline. It’s good to know your kids like each other.

Other than knowing my child already has fond memories of playing outside, I also liked his self-portrait:

picture of child's self-portrait

Word Search

I always liked word searches in school. And outside of school too. So it’s nice to see that Alpha also likes them:

picture of schoolwork related to adding words to a word search

I don’t know if the word search was too easy or if they just had extra time in class, but he found extra words and added them to the list to cross off.

The one who loves his brother abides in the Light and there is no cause for stumbling in him.

1 John 2:10

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3 Responses to “February Schoolwork”

  1. phoebe Says:

    He’s very neat in his word search; G does them for homework and let’s just say it’s not as neat as Alpha’s. Also, what are the four brown circles going up and down above the boys’ heads?

  2. Some Guy Says:

    At first I thought they were exclamation points to show how excited they were (and Beta was excited in Spanish).

    But now I think they are footballs, since they like to play the game of “jump on the trampoline with things and try not to get hit by them”.

    I’ll have to ask Alpha what he meant them to be.

  3. Some Guy Says:

    The answer: chocolate-chip cookies

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