Another Trip to the Beach

Warning: vacation recap ahead.

Visit last year’s recap of our trip to Maranatha for a refresher course, or to see how similar trips to Maranatha are. We want them to be similar, because kids need traditions.

Here’s a tip: if you like attention, take a 3-week-old baby to a place full of families. Everybody loves to see a newborn. I think Delta was the youngest one there, although I heard there was a 1-week-old there the next week.
That would be crazy – check out of the hospital, take a day to unpack, a day to settle in, a day to pack, and then leave on vacation.

The kids liked their programs (morning and evening each day). Beta wanted to go, but he had a fever the first two days, so he missed some of the sessions.
My wife took him to the nearby clinic, where they diagnosed a sinus infection and put him on antibiotics. Then he was good to go.

I tried a couple of new (new to me, at least) ice cream flavors at the sweet shop: Cake Batter and Royal Coconut. Cake Batter was okay, but I probably woudn’t get it again. Cake batter is inferior to cookie dough both in the baking and in ice cream. Royal Coconut, however, was delicious. It tasted like an Almond Joy (or Mounds) candy bar. I highly recommend it, unless you dislike coconut.

Now on to the photos:
Like all good vacation spots with kids’ programs, there was an opportunity for tie-dye T-shirts. Alpha was the only one of our children who wanted to participate.

picture of a child making a tie-dye T-shirt at camp

Beta always wanted to play tennis.

picture of a child serving a tennis ball

Sometimes Alpha joined us. And sometimes he played mini-golf.

picture of a child playing mini golf

Gamma liked the beach, especially the playset. (He is in the photo.)

picture of a playground on the beach

Alpha and Beta liked to dig in the sand, at the water’s edge.

picture of children digging in the sand at the beach

And everybody liked the pool.

picture of people in a pool

We tried to see a sunset, but the clouds kept interfering.

picture of a cloudy sunset on the lake with seagulls on the beach

And we finished out the week with the kids’ program, where they recited the verse they learned that week and performed the song (with motions of course) that they also learned that week.

picture of the kids' program final night at Maranatha

The view out our front door was the same as last year, so no new photos here.

And there was a lot of preaching. Ron Cline was a good speaker to have that week. Or any week, for that matter. He spoke on the seven charges to Timothy, I think. The main one I remember is that we are called, and fulfilling that call involves being useful to the Master. Are you being useful to God?

If you want more details, you should be able to order a CD or DVD or the week’s lessons from Maranatha. I don’t have pictures of any of the sessions because that would be a little rude to be taking pictures during what is essentially a church service.

Conclusion: Everyone had fun (and plenty of ice cream) and no one ever wants to leave Maranatha. But leave we did, after Alpha’s favorite part – the penny fair. After lunch at a restaurant and then dinner with my sister and her family, we eventually made our way home.

Therefore, if anyone cleanses himself from these things, he will be a vessel for honor, sanctified, useful to the Master, prepared for every good work.

2 Timothy 2:21

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3 Responses to “Another Trip to the Beach”

  1. Charity Says:

    What? All I get is part of a sentence? I thought you would write a whole blog post about the fun we had trying to fold up Delta’s little tent thingy.

  2. Some Guy Says:

    I figured out the secret now and can describe how to fold them. Blog post about uncooperative flimsy structures will be coming soon.

  3. E Says:

    Obviously you guys need more flimsy tents to practice on……..

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