Random Tips for Living, Part 2

Father Tip:

The fruit scales in the grocery store are not meant to hold infants. Even if you really want to know how much he weighs. Hint: the scales in the deli are more stable and more accurate.

Homeowner Tip:

If you forget to sweep food off the dining room floor, and yet the food is gone the next morning – buy some mousetraps.

Father Tip:

If your child yells “Wheeee!” when you drive around corners, you might want to verify that he is buckled in his car seat.

Let Him weigh me with accurate scales, And let God know my integrity.

Job 31:6

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This little article thingy was written by Some Guy sometime around 9:02 pm and has been carefully placed in the Mishaps category.

2 Responses to “Random Tips for Living, Part 2”

  1. Charity Says:

    Curvy, curvy, stop, start. And we never wore seat belts back then.

  2. Ricky Anderson Says:

    My uncle fell out of the back seat when he was four because he wasn’t buckled in and decided to open the door to watch the striped lines go by.

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