Shots of Christmas

Photo shoot-type of shots, that is.

Here is what Christmas looked like around here, and at various relatives’ houses too.

First of all, in chronological order at least, was the traditional gingerbread train.

photo of children frosting a gingerbread and graham cracker train

We keep telling the kids that no, they cannot eat it, especially since it is more than a couple of weeks old. But that doesn’t stop them from picking bits o’ candy of it and eating them anyway.

Next, on Christmas Eve, we finally put presents under the tree.

photo of presents and gifts under a Christmas tree

The older two would have been fine if we put the presents out earlier, but the 2-year-old probably would not have left them intact.

Along with that went the stockings hung by the closet with care.

photo of Christmas stockings hung by a closet door instead of a fireplace

Sorry Santa – no fireplace.

Then Christmas Eve morning, after opening stocking presents, we had a new recipe of eggnog French toast with apple-cranberry compote.

photo of eggnog French toast with apple-cranberry compote

The kids just wanted syrup with theirs.

Christmas was at the grandparents’ house, and one of the grandkids’ presents was a Fijit, who was hungry at one point during the day.

photo of a Fidget toy eating some soup

I’m glad that toy belongs to a child who does not live in my house.

Now for some more food:

The grandkids made reindeer cupcakes.

photo of children making cupcakes that look like reindeer

Let me rephrase that: the grandkids made cupcakes that are supposed to resemble reindeer.

The next day, we had a Christmas celebration at the other grandparents’ house. The penguin appetizers there were entertaining.

photo of appetizers that look like penguins but are mode from olives

I didn’t try one, so I don’t know what penguin tastes like.

The ever-popular seven-layer salad made an appearance.

photo of a seven-layer salad

Ever-popular with me anyway; I don’t know how other people feel about it.

And then our Christmas days were done, all with temperatures in the 40s or so. It was not a white Christmas.

But the day after that, we finally got some snow.

photo of a child sitting in a sled on some snow

The End.

They brought every man his gift, articles of silver and gold, garments, weapons, spices, horses, and mules, so much year by year.

1 Kings 10:25

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  1. Ricky Anderson Says:

    I was wondering when you all would get some snow. We had more than you for a bit there!

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