On Bola

Today, I will be demonstrating how to pluralize the word bola:

image showing bola, pair o' bola, and parabola

Now you’ll be tempted to switch the emphasized syllable the next time you see the word parabola. Remember, it’s paraBOla, not paRAbola.

You’re welcome.

Like one who binds a stone in a sling, So is he who gives honor to a fool.

Proverbs 26:8

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This little article thingy was written by Some Guy sometime around 6:50 am and has been carefully placed in the Humor category.

2 Responses to “On Bola”

  1. Ricky Anderson Says:

    I’ve spent so long saying it wrong I don’t think I can change now.

  2. Bolic •• Some Blog Site Says:

    […] On Bola […]

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