Lego Fest

We recently attended Lego Fest.

large sign at the Lego Kids Fest

Although the Lego people will tell you that the official name is Lego Kids Fest, everyone calls it Lego Fest.

There are a variety of things to see and do, but most of them fall into one of two categories: 1. Build things with Legos or 2. Look at things built out of Legos

Here are some things from category 2.

A cityscape:

city display at the Lego Kids Fest

And Hogwarts:

Hogwarts display at the Lego Kids Fest

There were also some full-size Harry Potter characters, as well as Star Wars characters and some other things.

And if you weren’t sure what size Lightning McQueen is in real life, here’s a photo of him at Lego Fest

Lightning McQueen at the Lego Kids Fest

I was impressed with the detail of the wheel.

Close-up of Lightning McQueen's wheel and tire at the Lego Kids Fest

One of the few areas that didn’t fall into either category 1 or 2 was this one, which was amazing enough in that kids were volunteering (some even waiting for their turn) to vacuum.

the vacuum cleaner display at the Lego Kids Fest

One of the areas was the monochrome build area. This was more interesting than would be expected. It is a bunch of bricks, all the same size and color. Make whatever you want, but only out of the 4×2 bricks. We could have spent hours there. Here are some of what other kids made.

lime green monochrome build creations at the Lego Kids Fest

There were several tables at the station, all with the same bricks. So you could go to a table and just start building what you wanted. Except for this table, where someone started a concept and then every subsequent visitor kept extended the creation.

lime green castle wall at the Lego Kids Fest

And then the most impressive sight at the Lego Fest

sign for the big brick pile at the Lego Kids Fest

No, not the sign – the actual pile of bricks

people playing in the big brick pile at the Lego Kids Fest

It’s a few hundred square feet of Legos. Just wade on in and start building.

They had a similar (but smaller) pile of Duplos too, for the wee ones.

I think everyone except the baby enjoyed Lego Fest. He would have liked it, if we let him run free.

The bricks have fallen down,
But we will rebuild with smooth stones;
The sycamores have been cut down,
But we will replace them with cedars.

Isaiah 9:10

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3 Responses to “Lego Fest”

  1. Buckley Says:

    That Harry Potter one is impressive.

  2. Victoria Says:

    I love lego’s!! I recently got to go to the Mall of America. And trust me the weeks before is was all about going to the lego store. Well when I arrived at my destination it was wonderful!!! Wierd huh? Well I am a 46 yr young woman and I love to create. I peered through all the windows at the creations lurking behind. The pirate ship was a beaut to say the least!! Oh I must admit that the striking huge transformer guy on top of the store was breath taking. Did I mention the green snake?? I was very impressed at the store itself, until I went around the corner and there was the huge wall of legos!!! GASP!!! I pierced my hand into every colored open pocket. As if I was in a candy store. It was a great trip to the mall and the LEGO Store for me… I am from Georgia and it was a dream come true!!!
    Thanks Victoria

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    […] (If all this sounds familiar, then you might be thinking of what I posted about our trip to Lego Fest back in 2012.) […]

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