In Myrtle Beach

Having spent some time in North Myrtle Beach, SC, I thought I would post something about it.

If you’re looking for a condo-type place called Brigadoon in the area, you won’t find it. That’s because they are clever and spell it Brigadune. If you do a search for Brigadune in Myrtle Beach, you will find it quite easily.

North Myrtle Beach is a very touristy area. Every block or two there are at least one mini golf place, a discount beach stuff place, and an all-you-can-eat seafood buffet. There are a bunch of coupons available, so if you go to any touristy place, do not pay full price. I think the prices are inflated to make up for the coupon discount. Kind of like higher education in America today. Tuition prices are artificially high because of all the student aid, federal loans, grants, and scholarships. There is also a parallel with health care costs. People think they’re getting a better deal with the coupons, but really they just take the price back to about what it should be.

The seafood buffets are numerous, and most of them have websites in addition to the flyers and leaflets and coupons. But you won’t see a published price anywhere. You can have a coupon for $5 off your meal, but nowhere does it mention the actual price – it could be $15 or $50. You have to call and ask. The actual prices range from $15 to $30. Just remember that you’re paying for the experience and for the quantity of food, not necessarily the quality of food. I thought the salmon tasted too fishy and the carved ham was too dry. The German chocolate cake was good though.

The crab legs were fun. I don’t like seafood. Fish yes, but seafood no. My wife and sister-in-law got several crab legs. My sons had never seen crab legs before, other than on living crabs. So when the others came to the table with a plate of crab legs, I told my son “Look, they are going to eat those.” And he did not believe me at first. But we showed him how the shell-cracker devices work and the kids had fun the rest of the meal cracking shells and moving the claws around, pretending they were crabs. That’s what the kids will remember – the crab legs and the aquarium, not how the food tasted.

The same goes for the putt-putt or miniature golf places. Don’t go without a coupon, and remember that you’re paying for the experience. It cost $7.50 per game, I think, so $30 for the four of us. There was nothing fancy in the greens themselves, maybe some curves or a tunnel. But there was a pirate show every half hour. The cannons would blast (just sounds and some water mist for smoke) from the ship to the fortress and the fortress would fire back. That’s what the kids will remember – the extra effects, not the game itself.

“I consulted with myself and contended with the nobles and the rulers and said to them, ” You are exacting usury, each from his brother!” Therefore, I held a great assembly against them.”
– Nehemiah 5:7

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