Family Conversations, Part 26

Delta : Dad!
Me : Delta!
Delta : Dad!
Me : Delta!
Delta : Dad!
Me : Delta!
Delta : Dad!
Me : Delta!
Gamma : Dad, you’re supposed to say “what”
Delta : Dad!
Me : What?
Delta : I’m hungry.

The scene: Delta is crying.
Delta : What’s the last song on the CD?
Me : Good King Wenceslas
Delta : Gamma said it was Delta is a Bad Boy.
Me : Nope, that’s not even a real song.

The scene: Delta has just finished running up the driveway.
Delta : My head is beating.
Delta : My heart is in my head now!

Gamma : If fish don’t breathe air, why do they jump out of water? Is it like their swimming?
It took me a second to figure that one out.

Beta : Dad, Gamma hit me!
Gamma : He told me to!
Me : Did you ask him to hit you?
Beta : Yes
Me : Well, what did you expect?

The scene: We are on a long drive. Everyone is quiet and occupied, except for one child.
Gamma : Dad!
Me : Yes?
Gamma : Dad!
Me : Yes?
Gamma : Dad, what would you be like if you had no bones?
I offer some explanation.
Gamma : Dad, why do birds fly in a V?
I offer some explanation.
Gamma : Dad, how do people know what brains look like?
I offer some explanation.
Gamma : Dad, how does an air conditioner work?
I offer some explanation.
Gamma : So when it’s hot out, it gets even hotter because all the cars’ air conditioners take the cold air?
Me : I think so.
Gamma : Dad, how does salt melt snow?
I offer some explanation.
Gamma : Dad, when you cut paper, where does it go?
Me : It just separates, like you’re ripping it.
Gamma : But where does it go?
Me : ???
Gamma : Last time, you said it goes to the other side.
Me : Okay, that sounds right.
I had no idea he asked me that before. Must remember to offer only valid explanations to things.

There were many more, but those were the most interesting questions I could remember.

Me : Look, I just smacked a mosquito.
Gamma : Where?
Me : There, see the blood?
Gamma : Why did the blood come out?
Me : He was drinking my blood, and I hit him, so my blood came out of him.
Gamma : Like he was laughing when he was drinking so the blood came out his nose?
Me : No, his tummy was full of my blood and when I squished him he broke open.

I am poured out like water, And all my bones are out of joint; My heart is like wax; It is melted within me.

Psalm 22:14

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2 Responses to “Family Conversations, Part 26”

  1. Ricky Anderson Says:

    I absolutely love these posts. Happy thanksgiving!

  2. Phoebe Says:

    These conversations are always my favorite.

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