The 5 Hows: Pit

This is a guide for how to play the game Pit. It’s a fun, highly-participatory card game.

image of Pit game

1. How do I win?
By getting your hand of cards to be all the same suit.

2. How do I get cards?
You start with a hand of cards. You trade cards with other players to try to get yours all to match.

3. How is that hard?
Because you don’t get to see the cards before you get them, so you don’t know what they are. You just keep trading cards until you get the type you want. Also, there are no turns.

4. No turns? How does that work?
Everyone plays all at the same time. Imagine the floor of a stock exchange before computers. Buyers and sellers try to match sizes – 1 card, 2 cards, 3 cards. The only thing you get to say is how many cards you want. And you get to yell “Pit!” if you win.

5. How does the game end?
As soon as you get all of your cards to match (i.e. your hand contains all of one type of commodity. The commodity itself doesn’t matter so much, since we count only wins, not points).

There, now go play Pit.

He has dug a pit and hollowed it out, And has fallen into the hole which he made.

Psalm 7:15

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