Must Wash Hands

The English language has provided us with a fair amount of modifiers and punctuation in order to make things clear. Confusion and humor come into play when people do not avail themselves of those items.

Exhibit #1: The sign in restaurant bathrooms that says “Employees must wash hands”

In the interest of saving printing costs, or because of laziness, or because of some other reason, the people responsible for the sign usually do not include punctuation or possessives. This leaves it open to the interpretation that the employees of the restaurant are responsible for washing my hands.

My guess is someone who likes to have fun with grammar pointed this out to management. Or perhaps management received a complaint from someone who did not get his hands washed by an employee.

Either way, I saw this sign the other day:

image of restaurants bathroom sign saying that employees must wash hands

And I couldn’t help but smile and take a picture of it to share with the internet.

It was at a Red Robin, in case you want to support them for acknowledging poorly-worded signs.

Simon Peter *said to Him, “Lord, then wash not only my feet, but also my hands and my head.”

John 13:9

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