Family Football Terms

Since the football season is starting (and there was much rejoicing), I thought it would be appropriate to note some similarities between football and families with small children.

The first correlation is not specific to football, but to any college sport. A few weeks ago we checked into the local junior kindergarten/pre-kindergarten/young fives program. Our son has a birthday that is late in the year, but it is before the official cut-off date for enrollment in school. The principal of the school said not to think of having the extra year as holding back your child. She said to think of it as red-shirting your child. That makes it sound a lot better.

The second correlation has to do with the number of kids in the family. This correlation fits with fewer sports, but is still not unique to football. We were talking with someone who has four children. When he heard that we are expecting our third child, his comment was that we would have to switch from man-to-man to zone defense. Ah yes, our play-calling will have to change.

“So there was much rejoicing in that city.”
– Acts 8:8

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