Employees Please

Last week, I was in an area store. I was with some of the family, and they wanted me to buy some things. In general, I like to please people. And if those people are my offspring, then I definitely want them to be happy.

But while we were walking through the store, discussing what I could buy to please them, I noticed that pleasing my family was forbidden.

photo of sign saying to Please Employees Only

If that’s not what the store meant, then that’s a bad sign. Perhaps they could use some punctuation. Or perhaps they could use complete sentences, but that also would require punctuation.

There are a number of ways they could have written that sign better:

  • Please, employees only
  • Employees only, please
  • For employees only
  • If you are not employed here, do not use this ladder

Now all the people took note of it, and it pleased them, just as everything the king did pleased all the people.

2 Samuel 3:36

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This little article thingy was written by Some Guy sometime around 6:17 am and has been carefully placed in the Ponder category.

4 Responses to “Employees Please”

  1. Charity Says:

    I vote for For Employees Only. They don’t need to be polite about it, it’s their store and their ladder. If anyone else tried to climb it, they’d probably fall and sue the store.

  2. Burrill Says:

    I’d prefer “No Worky, No Climby.”

    Also, I firmly believe the internet and phones with cameras have made the world a considerably better and funnier place. In the old days, it took much more work to distribute images of funny signs and mistakes, but now it’s ridiculously easy.

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    Arby Says:

    I’m thinking that, that sign on that ladder is cause to wonder how one would follow the directions on that sign in conjunction with that ladder, which is probably a train of thought best left off of an otherwise wonderful family blog.

  4. Some Guy Says:

    Yes, Burrill, the internet and phones with cameras have made the world a funnier place. However, it’s lost on the people who make those mistakes as they seem not to be learning from the internet.

    Or maybe they just want to be famous and have their work featured on a blog.

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