Salmon and Onions for Dinner

My wife had some raw diced onions on the dinner table one night.  I forget what we were having, probably tacos.  The 5-year-old thought they looked yummy and asked for some (the onions, not the tacos).  We said he shouldn’t have any because he wouldn’t like them.  He insisted that he liked them, so we gave him some.  He put them in his mouth and promptly said “I like onions!

Then he started chewing.

It took about 2 seconds, but he very quickly changed his countenance and spit everything out.  His face looked like the face of someone eating raw onions.

Fast forward a couple of weeks…

The 5-year-old is eating salmon and liking it.  The 3-year-old is curious, so he asks if it is chicken.  We tell him it is fish, and he should try some.  He takes a bite and promptly says “I like it!

Then he starts chewing.

It takes about 2 seconds, but he very quickly changes his countenance and spits everything out.

My wife and I can’t help chuckling at that.  That must annoy him, because he tells us that “it’s not funny.

“We remember the fish which we used to eat free in Egypt, the cucumbers and the melons and the leeks and the onions and the garlic,”
– Numbers 11:5

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