You Are Granted One Wish

The June 2009 edition of my IEEE magazine arrived, and it had interviews with the candidates running for election for president of the organization. The interview contained various questions. About half were related to engineering, and the other half were get-to-know-the-person questions, such as “What is your favorite movie?” The one that piqued my interest was “If you were stranded on an island, what one thing you would want to have with you?”

The answers that the three candidates gave were these:

  • A solar-powered iPhone with lots of books stored in memory
  • A solar-powered laptop with Internet access
  • A Crocodile Dundee-size knife

(Note: I assume he meant a knife that is the same size as the knife that Crocodile Dundee had, not a knife that is the same size as Crocodile Dundee himself.)

After reading the third answer, I thought the first two sounded like cheating. How many qualifiers can you add to an item and still have it count as only one item?

I pondered for a little while and decided on my answer, should I ever be asked what is the one item I would want with me on a deserted island.

  • A fully-furnished house

I suppose I could embellish it a little: a fully-furnished, solar-powered house with working water and sewer. But I like the simplicity of my original answer.

But we must run aground on a certain island.

Acts 27:26

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This little article thingy was written by Some Guy sometime around 9:54 pm and has been carefully placed in the Ponder category.

One Response to “You Are Granted One Wish”

  1. erin Says:

    Reminds me of a riddle. I’m not sure how it goes anymore, I just remember the punch line. Anyway, a young woman is out walking one day when she comes across and magic lamp. The genie comes out and says that he’ll grant one wish. This is a very hard decision, because the young woman is very poor. So, poor that she lives with her grandmother. Now, her grandmother also has problems and is blind. But, what the young woman wants more than anything is to find a husband and have children. So, her answer was, ” I would like my grandmother to see her grandchildren eating off of gold plates.”

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