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Not Mine Monday, December 2009 Edition

In a shameless spoof of MckMama’s Not Me Monday, I am posting a Not Mine Monday.

  • My children do not have the habit of saying “Bails hurt scores!” whenever they fall down. We have not been spending too much time playing THPS3. My children know the difference between TV/movies/games and real life and they never confuse the two.
  • My child, who is way past the time of using the doorway jumper intended for babies, did not take a sudden interest in the doorway jumper contraption. And he did not use it for his own entertainment by yelling “snake in the toilet!” while reaching up through the leg holes, pretending that his hands were snakes and trying to attack his brother who was walking past.
  • And I did not overhear one of my children say to the other child “Can you please move, or I’ll push you down the stairs“. Notice the use of the word please? See how polite our children are? Or, I mean, see how polite they would be, if they had said that?

The nursing child will play by the hole of the cobra,And the weaned child will put his hand on the viper’s den.

Isaiah 11:8

X-Men: Rivals, the Element

X-Men Rivals / Wolverine title

Here is another scene from the unreleased Wolverine movie (click on the image to see a full-size version) :

X-Men Rivals / Wolverine comic

Here is the text, in case your browser has trouble with images:
Wolverine : I need help to defeat my enemy
Wolverine : There is one element stronger than the Sweater Vest
(narrator): Take phosphorus – the 15th element – and subject it to intense heat and pressure
(narrator): The result is . . .
(last frame shows Tim Tebow): Tebownium!

You may also want to see the previous episode of X-Men Rivals.

This command I entrust to you, Timothy, my son, in accordance with the prophecies previously made concerning you, that by them you fight the good fight,

1 Timothy 1:18

Turkey in Chief

Alpha had his school Christmas holiday program. While we were walking to the cafeteria/auditorium/cafetorium, we passed by display cases containing artwork from the various classes. I don’t know which grades did these turkeys, but apparently a number of students were handed line-drawing turkeys which they were supposed to color or otherwise decorate.

turkey drawings by school children

I wish I knew the story behind this.

  • Did the child happen to glance at the stack of magazines in the art room, see Obama’s photo, and just decide that he would look good on a turkey?
  • Did the child purposely put Obama’s head on a turkey body as a statement of how poorly he thought the government was being run?
  • Or was the child thankful for Obama and trying to indicate that by associating him with Thanksgiving?
  • Is the small picture to the right of Obama’s head a picture of a turkey with Obama’s head on it? Was that the inspiration for this art? From where did that come?

Obama's head on a turkey body art drawing

The world may never know.

I find the most interesting part to be the bicycle handlebars. Why a bicycle? Shouldn’t he be holding onto the handlebars? So many questions . . .

When He had disarmed the rulers and authorities, He made a public display of them, having triumphed over them through Him.

Colossians 2:15

Herbal Champion

Ginkgo Balboa - the herbal boxerThe best herbal supplement out there has to be Ginkgo Balboa.

With a name like that, how could anything else compete?

Ginkgo Balboa – the undisputed heavyweight champion of the herbal-supplements world!


It’s ginkgo biloba?

Oh, never mind.

Then a champion came out from the armies of the Philistines named Goliath, from Gath, whose height was six cubits and a span.

1 Samuel 17:4

X-Men: Rivals, the Aftermath

X-Men Rivals / Wolverine title

Here is another scene from the unreleased Wolverine movie (click on the image to see a full-size version) :

X-Men Rivals / Wolverine comic

Here is the text, in case your browser has trouble with images:
Wolverine (in defeat) : Aaaggh!!!
Wolverine: All of my attacks have been thwarted…
(last frame shows Jim Tressel): By the power of the sweater vest

You may also want to see the previous episode of X-Men Rivals.

For my eyes are toward You, O GOD, the Lord;In You I take refuge; do not leave me defenseless.

Psalm 141:8

Blank Post

This page intentionally left blank.

That statement bothers me. The page was blank, before you put that statement on it. But now it is no longer blank, so you can’t have left it blank, because you printed words on it, so it’s not blank anymore, etc.

Here are my suggestions – things you could print on the page – for improving this fiasco:

  • This is the only sentence on this page.
  • This page was supposed to be blank, but we had to print this line.
  • There is no meaningful content on this page.
  • We felt like wasting paper, and this page is a result of that.
  • Federal regulations require that there be no blank pages in any document.
  • Nothing to see here; please turn to the next page.

To really improve it, how about this:

The following page is intentionally left blank.

And then you can have a truly blank page on the next page. Perfect!

Also, the statement really should have an “is” in there.

This page is intentionally blank.

That makes it a complete sentence.

“This page intentionally left blank” implies that the page was with blank, but then it left…on purpose too. They were together for such a long time. Now blank is lonely. Without the verb “is”, the only other word that could be a verb is “left”. If it is written as a sentence, then “left” must be the verb.

Or maybe blank is really a location. The page was there, at blank, but then it left, so it is no longer there. Got out of blank…left there in a hurry. I would expect that “blank” would then be a proper noun – the name of the place – so it should be “Blank”.

Last thought on this conundrum, this one regarding if you have both “is” and “left” together: maybe left is a direction.

This page is intentionally left blank.

All you need to do is find the page that is intentionally right blank and then you’ll have a matching pair.

Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of these things the wrath of God comes upon the sons of disobedience.

Ephesians 5:6

Bad Big Idea

I may or may not have said the following line this week:

Take that plunger off your brother’s head!

Thanks a lot, Big Idea Productions.

Next time you need to create a superhero character, please make his accessory thingy something cleaner, more hygienic. Remember that thousands, even millions, of children will be watching that character and some will try to copy him.

picture of typical Larryboy

Why plungers? Why something that is so unsanitary? And why on his head, of all places?

Why not toothbrushes?
Or foaming-soap dispensers?

Think of how he could clean up crime or scrub out injustice.

a person who touches any such shall be unclean until evening, and shall not eat of the holy gifts unless he has bathed his body in water.

Leviticus 22:6